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Tax Preparation

Personal and business tax return consultation and preparation from a trusted CPA. Understanding your taxes is important and we encourage clients to do so by asking questions. Emails and telephone calls are at no additional charge.

Tax and Retirement Planning

You should be in contact with your CPA throughout the year to avoid any unexpected tax consequences and to develop a strategy for saving taxes. We offer tax planning and projections for this specific reason. 

Having a retirement plan is the number one way to save taxes and build future wealth. We can help you select the right plan for your needs, providing you comfort in your retirement years. 


We offer monthly and quarterly bookkeeping services through the accounting software QuickBooks. We work with both the Online and Desktop versions of QuickBooks. Complete and accurate record keeping is of paramount importance to keeping overhead down, reducing taxes, and analyzing your practice trends. We will reconcile your bank and credit card accounts, make any necessary accounting journal entries and issue financial statements for management use and analysis. These financial statements will be used to prepare your tax returns at the end of the year and allow for accurate tax planning.

Practice Analysis & Consultation

As one of our tax and accounting clients, we include practice analysis as part of our services. We help you analyze your overhead to identify areas where you can reduce costs compared to industry standards. We also have key relationships with dental attorneys, lenders and brokers. 


We offer business structure recommendations and incorporation services for new professionals. Every tax entity is unique and should be matched to the needs of the client. 

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